Discover the historical Venice Jewish Ghetto & Vibrant Cannaregio with Lucia your licensed tour guide, 2 hours

Avoid the tourist trail and explore a lesser known and magnificent secret corner of the floating city, Cannaregio with my Venice Jewish Ghetto. Discover why and where the Serenissima forced the Jewish people of Venice to live under strict rule and how they lived for centuries.

As we explore the beautiful streets, we can see the 5 Synagogues, and I can tell you the stories behind these houses of worship and why they are not to be missed. As we continue on our stroll, we can check out the Ghetto Vechio, and I can give you insights into how the Holocaust left a deep mark on this beloved city.

venice jewish ghetto

Cross a beautiful bridge draped in the local’s laundry, Italian style, as we make our way to the Holocaust Memorial. Here we can take a moment and discuss the history of the memorial, and it’s significance here in Venice.

As we make our way through the historic ghettos, we can visit the fascinating, unique wells and discover they’re symbols. Let’s check out the oldest pawn shop in Venice and find out how it came to fame. I’ll be sure to show you all of the highlights and hidden gems along the way!

We can finish off this unique experience by enjoying a glass of wine from my favorite bar in Venice. If you have any special requests, please let me know because this Venice Jewish Ghetto tour can be 100% customized to your wishes.

*Visit inside the Jewish Museum and Synagogue is not included.