Venice kids tour, Marionette atelier in Venice! N.1 in Venice

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My presentation says:

Hi! I am Lucia, I am runnig Venice kids tours and.. art is my job and travelling and discovering symbols and secrets of Venice my passion, and vice versa!

I am:

an art historian, an educational programs manager for museums, a licensed private tour guide in Venice, a tour leader, a specialized guide for running tours and activities with blind and partially sighted visitors in Venice. . but above all I am curious and I am a truly LOVER of VENICE!

Each time I start a tour my goal is to become your friend in Venice. I believe that visiting Venice is an unique experience and I love adding a personal touch and a personal point of view to the spots that you see. I try to create a real feeling with travellers I meet, creating a tailor-made tour for you according to your specific interests and preferences.

Everyday I have the opportunity to meet travellers in Venice I feel really lucky to live in such a magic place like my Venice, having a possibility to share my passion and love for this city with people who visit it!

I lived in New York, Paris and Sofia, discovering amazing creative scenes. I worked for important international organization Art Westchester, Musee du Louvre, Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art, Gallerie dell’Accademia di Venezia, Biennale di Venezia.

Travelling a lot I understood it was time to go back Venice and to plunge into Venetian art and history, that’s why I decided to transform my passion into a job. It was time to be a personal and unconventional guide and to organize private tours in the place I have always loved: Venice, sharing my passion with curious travelers.

Doing what I love, for example Venice kids tours, in a city that I adore is for my arriving at the destination of the pursuit of happiness.

venice kids tour

Venice kids tours