Online tours from Venice and experiences with Lucia from my house to your home! 2 proposals for you

Do you want to discover Venice from the comfort of your home ? Choose my Online tours from Venice

Today I want to speak about a new project. I am working for creating virtual tours of my beautiful Venice.

Just because you can’ travel, it doesn’t mean you can’t discover the secrets of Venice. Covid-19 pandemy is forcing people to stay at home but we can still meet with people around the world.

We can explore the magic, mysterious symbols of Venice. My experience will begin with an overview of Venice so you can’t virtually get lost. I’ll give you the most important information about Venice: where is located, why is so special and famous. And be ready! Some tricks and fast quizzes are waiting for you in order to help you to focus on the most important details!

You’ll tour my Venice thanks to special views, images and pics I prepared just for you. I’ll try to help you to immerse yourself in the secret Venice that just Venetians know and I am sure you’ll then remember locations and details.

At the end you’ll be ready to come to Venice as soon as possibile! It will be a pleasure to be again your guide!

Are you curious? Send me an email: and I’ll keep you updated!

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Online tours from Venice
Online tours from Venice