Lucia private Venice tour guide

Venice Jewish Ghetto tour with Lucia (1516 – 1797 and nowadays)

Venice Jewish Ghetto tour

Venice Jewish Ghetto tour – An unusual stroll to discover all the secrets of the first Jewish Ghetto of the world – Venice Jewish Ghetto tour with LuciaAvoid the tourist trail and explore an authentic, lesser known but incredible well preserved area of Venice enjoying the secret corners of the city on the water.

Discover with me this very old section of Venice and learn why the Serenissima Republic forced the Jewish community to live under strict rules and how they lived for centuries.

Did you know that the word “ghetto” is coming from a local venetian word?
During my Venice Jewish Ghetto tour you will discover it!

I will help you to recognize the hidden synagogues. Did you know that we are still having 5 sinagogues in Venice? and I will give you insights into the tragedy of the Nazi deportation and how the Holocaust left a deep mark on my beloved city.

Let’s stop in front of the oldest pawn shop in Venice, I will explain you why it is not to be missed.

And then ? We will explore together the sestier of Cannaregio, with its beautiful streets and the venetian “skyscrapers”, we will cross beautiful bridges draped in the local’s laundry, Italian style.

We will end this unique experience by enjoying a glass of wine from my favorite bacaro in Venice or the best gelato in town or the unmissible cannaregio coffee according to the time and season.

I’ll be sure to show you all of the highlights, symbols and secrets along the way of my Venice Jewish Ghetto tour! So let’s get to know Cannaregio a neighborhood not only rich in history and religious heritage but beautiful and relaxing
Other things to note:

  • If you are in Venice …. just contact me! I will do my best to accomodate your request for a Venice tour!
  • We won’t visit the museum and the sinagogues but I’ll give you all info you need to visit them (more particular restrictions during the covid emergency)
  • You can book the small group tour through Airbnb, even the online experience click here
  • Or contact me for the private experience: