Venice with kids: Jewish ghetto game tour for families

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2 hours – Venice with kids: Jewish ghetto game tour for families

This game tour right mix between the history that everyone should remember, hidden symbols and  charming areas off the beaten paths!

This scavenger hunt is perfect for kids but will  engage the whole family!

I will  provide a very good introduction to the history of the oldest Jewish ghetto of the world and as well as a nice overview of a very residential neighbourhood.

We will start in Campo san  Geremia and then we have a nice walk through green areas, the backstreets, off the beaten paths,reaching the  three Jewish Ghettos in the lovely districts of Cannaregio to get in touch with the real Venice and its important history linked to the Jewish community.

The Jewish Ghetto tour will be an outside tour, I will show you a maze of streets and canals. Everyone loves Venice, but once in Cannaregio you’ll fall for its personality, details and history.

Kids will learn why and where the Serenissima forced to live Jewish residents under strict rules for centuries.

And why not… if you want to add something more, let’s taste together a local traditional Jewish cookie,  or you of the best gelato in Venice!


Highlights of my Jewish ghetto tour in Venice:

  • Discover playing!
  • You will discover the origin of the word “ghetto” and try to speak a little bit of Venetian
  • You will learn the amazing history of this place and its special buildings called the Venetian skyscrapers
  • How looked like this area during the Serenissima Republic ?
  • How long Venice forced Jews to live segregated in the ghettos?
  • Why Venice created the 1st Jewish Ghetto of the world?
  • Let’s discuss about the WW2 in Venice
  • Let’s speak about the great people used to live in the area
  • Learn about the particular culture, habits and  traditions
  • Learn about the Jewish food and special recipes

Visit to the sinagogues and the Jewish Museum are not included in the tour. If you want to add them please contact me.

Of course I will explain you everything about the opportunity to join the sinagogues tour. The museum run it everyday (not during the Jewish holidays like the Shabbat).


Duration: 2 hours


Meeting point: Campo San Geremia


Kind of tour: Outdoor scavenger hunt with game booklet, multiple choice quizzes and symbols to find around


What I will provide: one game leaflet, a final little prize for every little traveller, a lot of passion ans tips for you


Extra costs: for more than 2 kids I will add 10 euro


Ideal age for  this Venice with kids: Jewish ghetto game tour for families: starting from 6 years old

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avatar - Jul, 15, 2024 -

Fantastico! Lucia's tour was fantastic, as insightful as entertaining. She showed us the "real" Venice off the beaten track in her charmingly passionate Venetian way.

avatar - Jul, 13, 2024 -

Great tour of the Jewish Ghetto of Venice! Lucia was a fantastic tour guide for the start of our visit to Venice. She arrived promptly at the arranged time. Lucia shared a lot information about Venice and the Jewish Ghetto during the tour and she answered all (a lot!!) of our questions. Throughout the tour she always asked if the tour was meeting our expectations and at the end made sure we knew how to get back to our hotel.

avatar - Jul, 12, 2024 -

An unforgettable tour. Lucia was a FABULOUS tour guide. She showed us really interesting off the beaten track places. She offered history, facts and perspective to this fascinating area of Venice — all in her excellent English and charming manner. I highly recommend Lucia over any of the other tour guides we encountered along the way. A very special day.

avatar - Jun, 15, 2024 -

Lucia's walking tour of the Jewish Ghetto and Cannaregio If you’re thinking about booking Lucia for a Jewish tour of Venice-don’t hesitate! She is everything previous reviewers have said and more. Lucia is a total delight.

avatar - Jun, 15, 2024 -

A truly amazing tour. Don’t miss it. A truly wonderful tour. Lucia is so friendly and engaging that it feels like you are being shown around Venice by a friend. She is also so informative and passionate about her city that you start to share her loyalty for and love of the place. A must do tour for first time visitors and returner alike.