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Let’s enjoy a live virtual tour of Venice must-sees with an art historian!

Are you planning to come to Venice? This is the perfect must sees experience, the best live virtual tour you can imagine to prepare yourself to a deep immersion into the highlights of Venice!

Discover the city on the water through the eyes of a local tour guide and art historian!

During my live virtual tour of Venice must sees we will discover the secrets of the most beautiful square of the world, piazza San Marco. Do you know its superstitions? Not yet! I will explain what make us superstitions about and what you should avoid if you want not to have bad luck!

I will introduce you the “landlord” of the square and we will play together with a special column the terrible Doge’s joke. Are you curious to discover something more? We will see Campo Santa Maria Formosa with its incredible “mask” and we will reach campo San Zanipolo, the meeting place for venetian. This is the place where the Dogi’s Funerals happened in the past. Do you know who is the Doge? No more secrets for you about Venetian history.

We will play together trying to guess what is hidden inside the stunning Scuola Grande and we will speak about the master of Leonardo da Vinci.
Of course, we will admire the most famous bridge of Venice: Rialto bridge. I am sure you will fall in love with Venice!

Please note: this is not a video presentation on a screen. I will be LIVE walking around Venice


Contact me for more info or check my Airbnb page for a small group experience.


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