Venice Jewish ghetto tour and the magnificent Cannaregio

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The Venice Jewish Ghetto Tour with Lucia

This is my favorite tour in Venice! See my reviews here 

The right mix between the history that everyone should remember, hidden symbols, charming areas off the beaten paths!

The Jewish Ghetto tour will show you a maze of streets and canals, you can find gondole and sandoli and very often painters sitting at their easels to capture the typical venetian light.  Everyone loves Venice, but once in Cannaregio you’ll fall for its personality, details and history.

Learn why and where the Serenissima forced to live Jewish residents under strict rules for centuries.

During the Jewish Ghetto of Venice tour I will show you the symbols of the three ghettos.  I’ll explain you the secrets of this magnificent area!

Furthermore,  during this Venice tour of Cannaregio I’ll show you highlights and hidden gems of the northern part of Venice.

And why not… if you want to add something more, let’s taste together a local traditional Jewish cake,  a good glass of prosecco wine or the best gelato in Venice!


Highlights of my Jewish ghetto tour in Venice:

  • Discover the origin of the word “ghetto” and try to speak a little bit of Venitian
  • You will learn the amazing history of this place and its special buildings called the Venetian skyscrapers
  • How looked like this area during the Serenissima Republic ?
  • How long Venice forced Jews to live segregated in the ghettos?
  • Why Venice created the 1st Jewish Ghetto of the world?
  • Let’s discuss about the WW2 in Venice
  • Let’s speak about the great people used to live in the area
  • Learn about the particular culture, habits and  traditions
  • Learn about the Jewish food and special recipes

Visit to the sinagogues and the Jewish Museum are not included in the tour.

Of course I will explain you everything about the opportunity to join the sinagogues tour. The museum run it everyday (not during the Jewish holidays like the Shabbat).

The tour of Jewish Ghetto in Venice and the magnificent Cannaregio  is perfect for you if: you are looking for something more than the classic Venice tour attractions!


Venice Jewish Ghetto tour

Venice Jewish Ghetto tour with Lucia

Book the Venetian Jewish quarter tour

An unusual stroll to discover all the secrets of the first Jewish Ghetto of the world – Venice Jewish Ghetto tour with LuciaAvoid the tourist trail and explore an authentic, lesser known but incredible well preserved area of Venice enjoying the secret corners of the city on the water. Discover with me this very old section of Venice and learn why the Serenissima Republic forced the Jewish community to live under strict rules and how they lived for centuries.

I will help you to recognize the hidden synagogues. Did you know that we are still having 5 sinagogues in Venice? and I will give you insights into the tragedy of the Nazi deportation and how the Holocaust left a deep mark on my beloved city.

Let’s stop in front of the oldest pawn shop in Venice, I will explain you why it is not to be missed.


Duration: 2 hours


Meeting point: Campo San Geremia


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avatar - Feb, 01, 2023 -

Lucia is a wonderful guide! Attentive, knowledgeable, just wow!

avatar - Jan, 21, 2023 -

Book it! We really enjoyed the tour with Lucia Bondetti. Two hours went quickly and we could have spent all day walking round and learning about Venice Jewish history. Highly recommend!

avatar - Jul, 16, 2022 -


Lucia showed us around Venice for 2 days. She has a love for her city that shows in everything she says & does. Her tours were insightful, interesting, & fun! We enjoyed getting to know Lucia so much. She kept my 10 year old entertained & was great with suggestions when I asked for recommendations. The absolute perfect tour guide! Best tour guide ever!

avatar - Jun, 27, 2019 -


Lucia was excellent! We wanted more of a behind-the-scenes kind of tour of the Jewish Ghetto, and Lucia was amazing. Friendly, engaging, showing us the local side of things and opening our minds and eyes to a whole new world. She is fantastic and my wife and I loved her! We definitely recommend her :)

avatar - Oct, 23, 2019 -


Lucia gave us a great tour of the Jewish Ghetto in Venice---its long history, the hidden synagogues and current inhabitants. She was amazingly learned about every aspect of its history and was a intelligent, friendly guide, attuned to our interests. We loved talking to her. She readily answered all our questions and opened our eyes to a very important part of Venice and Venetian history. We highly recommend her as a guide.

avatar - Nov, 03, 2019 -


Lucia was so knowledgeable about the Jewish ghetto. I don't think we really knew what to expect... but we learned a lot more than anticipated. We enjoyed her passion and energy. We all had a wonderful time.

avatar - Dec, 03, 2022 -


We had a wonderful private tour of the Jewish Ghetto with Lucia. Lucia was kind, positive and fun to spend the morning with. We were traveling with 2 small kids (7 + 3) and she came prepared with a scavenger hunt, bubbles, markers, and even little gifts for the kids at the end of the tour. The little one was very cranky and Lucia just rolled with it and stayed positive the whole time. I learned so much and appreciated the way she made the information digestible for the kids. When I asked my son what his favorite part of the day was, he said the scavenger hunt! Thanks Lucia for a memorable day. Wonderful tour of the Jewish Ghetto with kids

avatar - Dec, 16, 2022 -


Firstly, Lucia is so friendly and enthusiastic. Made us feel immediately welcome, at ease and excited about our tour. Her knowledge of the area was incredible. She introduced us to local business owners who are such talented artists. Her telling of the history of the Jewish Ghetto made us "feel" the history. She had prepared pictures to help explain topics. She even customized our tour to include a Catholic church I wanted to see. From the ease of communicating with her on the app to her making sure we got to our next stop was seamless. Highly recommend Lucia without hesitation. Amazing guide and experience

avatar - Dec, 21, 2021 -


The most important characteristics in my opinion in a guide are not knowledge of their subject (which they already just have obviously) but passion and warmth. Lucia endears herself by being sweet, patient and loving what she does. It was so helpful that she had tools like maps and photos to show the areas of Venice as well as some historical details. I liked her approach to the tour and she was super helpful to me with my hundred questions. Grazie Lucia! Helpful and interesting

avatar - Mar, 14, 2022 -


Along with our teenage daughters, we greatly enjoyed our tour of the Jewish Ghetto with Lucia. Lucia did a wonderful job of explaining the long history and culture of the area and it’s role in Venice and weaving it all into more recent times. We even had time to stop for a snack at a lovely bakery and walk around local art shop. She also was gracious with suggestions for lunch and other things to see and do in Venice. We very highly recommend touring with Lucia! Perfect Tour

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