Lucia Venice walks and tours for homo faber event
  • 1. Get in contact

    First contact me by e-mail or by phone (whatsapp is the easiest way).

    Please write me your name,  when you will be in Venice,  number of people in your party, how many hours would would like to spend together, the place where you will be in Venice and your interests. Knowing also if your trip to Venice ia s first time will be helpful.

  • 2. I will contact you

    I will send you my proposal including  suggestions of activities and short itineraries.

  • 3. Booking confirmed

    Once you are satisfied with my program proposals for your personalized visit, you will be asked a deposit of 50% to confirm the booking (paypal, bank account)

  • 4. Make the most of your trip to Venice!

    On your arrival in Venice, I will introduced you to my Venice and we proceed to the payment of the remaining 50%.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I take a guided tour in Venice?

Venice is such a unique city, full of secrets, history, culture and good food. If you want the best of our city on the water choose a professional that can be your local friend! According to your interests I can surprise you, I can show you places that you might not find alone.
I can be helpful to skip the long lines at the museums and to reach some of the off the beaten paths places.

May I ask my tour guide Lucia to pick me up from my hotel in Venice?

Sure! I will be glad to meet you at the hotel in the historical Venice and I will create the best itinerary for you!

May I customize my tour in Venice?

I will be happy to create a customized tour that can suit your interests and expectations. Considered that I am an art historian, I love children curiosity and a foodie!

How much does it cost?

75 € per hour. The basic rate for a 2-hour tour for families and small groups  is 150€. Every additional hour is 75€ tax included.

  • An “half day” tour usually lasts about 3 hours 225 €
  • You can combine 2 or more tours and that gives you the chance to get a personalized rate
  • Special tours can vary according to the duration of the tour and the itineraries arranged
  • All fees do not include entrance tickets to museums, nor tickets for the public water bus, nor taxi fees or headphones.
  • Group tour: special rates for groups
  • Special rates for students and school groups

Special routes have specific rates, contact me for more info.

For over 10 people groups please request a specific quote.

Prices can be increased by 15% over the Holidays: August 14-16th, November 21st, December 8th , Christmas, Carnival, New Year holidays, Easter and May 1.

PRICES must be considered totally not per person

How do we pay?

A deposit of 50% will be required to confirm the booking, by Paypal or bank transfer. The remaing amount (50%) will be paid on the day by cash or credit card.

Are big group visits possible to organise?

Yes, I offer customized experiences, so anything is possible! I however rather small groups, in order to be more available for my visitors, adapt better to their requests and respect Venice

In which language are the visits?

The visits are in  english or italian.

When is the best period to visit Venice?

It’s always worth visiting Venice. Our city on the water  is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. All seasons are good! Venice is wonderful in all seasons of the year. Anyway you should choose the one that fits you more.

If you don’t love crowds keep in mind that Venice between November and February avoiding the week ends. It’s true that can be cold and humid but you can find a magic athmosphere!

Carnival time is the best period if you like parties and you want to see our costumes and masks, in particular during the weekends but it is not the best period to discover Venice 😉
April, May and September are the best months because the days are long,  weather is nice, with incredible colors, even though it can rain sometimes.
Keep in mind that from Easter to November, it’s peak season: the city can be really crowded but not everywhere. I can show you hidden corners in the high season too!

How to dress for a tour in Venice?

It depends on the season and on the sites you want to visit.

Summertime: please remember UV protecting cream, a cap or hat, choose anything can be comfortable and sweat absorbing during extreme heat months because the city of Venice is extremely humid. Consider that if you want to visit landmarks such as St. Mark’s church there are some special requirements for entering: you need to be covered from shoulders to your knees.

Wintertime: Because of high percentage of humidity, during winter season, it is quite always cold. You should wear a scarf, gloves, a warm jacket and check forecast in case of “high water” in this case you need gum-boots!

In any season always wear comfortable shoes for your walking tour!

Is there any dress code required in churches and museums?

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What to do in case of flood?

If you are going in autumn and winter, it is better if you check the tide forecast. I’ll be glad to help you giving you all tips you need! Anyway this is a  slow variation of the water level and the pick lasts about 2 hours.
But if the tide is marked with yellow or orange code, your visit in particular  to the lowest part of Venice, the monumental complex of Saint Mark’s Square can be complicated. If the code is red it means that the tide “acqua alta” is exceptional, and visiting the city can be a problem for a few hours.  Get a good pair of water-resistant gumboots, and walk on raised walk-ways “passerelle”as Venetians do.

Why should I pay to visit some churches?

Some churches in Venice require a small admission fee to be visited (only for visitors, not for prayers). The small sum you will pay (we have also some pass for visiting more than one church) is your contribution to the restoration and valorization of the church, anyway the entrance to the Saint Mark’s church is free.

What time do most museums and churches close?

In general, our museums close at 5 p.m. in winter, and between 6 p.m. and 7:30 in summer. Be aware that every single museum has different opening hours. Contact me and I’ll create the best schedule for you!

Churches are closed on Sunday morning because of the mass, and travellers are not allowed to visit them during services. Saint Mark’s and the Frari Church are open on Sunday afternoon.

Is it worth to Visit the other islands of Venice: Murano, Burano and Torcello?

One life is not enough to visit the whole Venice! But if you want to visit more or if it’s not your first time in Venice the answer is yes. Our many islands offer a lot. If you want to discover what there was Before having”Venice,” tlet’s visit Torcello Here live just a dozen people nowadays I’ll explain you what’s happened!

If you want to see a glass factory, going to Murano is worth! And we have much more here. It’s true that the main activity in Murano is the production of artistic glass, but it’ll explain you the history of its  relative independence from Venice, having its autonomous town hall until 1923. On the other hand, if you have been told of the picturesque atmosphere of Burano, a visit to the fishermen and lace island is really astonishing. I’ll help you to enjoy an experience beyond the usual touristic paths!

What are the mayor holidays and festival in Venice?

Probably you heard about our Carnival, the period changes according to Easter! It consists of two weeks of mask parades, parties, dancing balls and fun. You will see a lot of elegant super-rich costumes and unique masks in particular during weekends. The so called Flight of the Angel is very appreciated too.

The Festa della Sensa, forty days after Easter, on the Assumption day, is among the most important Venice festivals. In that occasion, you can enjoy a boat parade, which is a remind of the Wedding ceremony between the Doge of Venice and the Sea.
Every year on the third Saturday and Sunday of July, we celebrate the Redentore, that is well-known especially for its incredible fireworks on Saturday night! We all eat outside, in particular sitting on our fondamenta in front of the canal de la Giudecca to enjoy the friendly athmosphere.

The Regata Storica is on the first Sunday of September. This is a competition among different kinds of historical boats organized on the Grand Canal with a spectacular ending in front of Ca’ Foscari.

Finally on November 21st we celebrate La Salute day. This important date reminds the Venetians of the defeat of the epidemics of plague in 1630. A long wooden bridge is built for the occasion, to allow a procession from Saint Mark’s area to La Salute Church.

Are there supermarket in the historical city centre of Venice?

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Are shops open on Sundays in Venice?

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