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Lucia – Official Venice tour guide

Nice to meet you! I am Lucia, a Venice tour guide: Art is my job and travelling my passion, and vice versa!Who am I ?  I am an art historian, an educational programs manager for museums, a licensed tour guide, a specialized guide for blind visitors… but above all I am curious and I am a truly LOVER of VENICE!”

About me, Lucia Venice Local Tour Guide

Each time I start a tour my goal is to become your friend in Venice. I believe that visiting Venice is an unique experience and I love adding a personal touch and a personal point of view to the spots that you see.

I try to create a real feeling with travellers I meet, creating a tailor-made tour for you according to your specific interests and preferences.

Everyday I have the opportunity to meet travellers in Venice I feel really lucky to live in such a magic place like my Venice, having a possibility to share my passion and love for this city with people who visit it!

I lived in New York, Paris and Sofia, discovering amazing creative scenes. I worked for important international organization Art Westchester in New York, Musée du Louvre in Paris, Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art, Gallerie dell’Accademia di Venezia, Biennale di Venezia.

Travelling a lot I understood it was time to go back Venice and to plunge into Venetian art and history, that’s why I decided to transform my passion into a job.

It was time to be a personal and unconventional guide and to organize private tours in the place I have always loved: Venice, sharing my passion with curious travelers.

Doing what I love in a city that I adore is for my arriving at the destination of the pursuit of happiness.


Always in training to learn more and more:

– 2017-2019: course for educational activities for kids
– 2018: specialization course Tintoretto in Venice
– 2019: specialization course, Church Cultural Heritage in Venice
– 2020: course on Renaissance Architecture in the Veneto region
– 2020: course on Venetian narrative painting
– 2020: specialization course Carpaccio painter in Venice

– 2023: Basilica di San Marco. Itinerarte Learning center


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  • Tour guide and tour leader license
  • Postgraduate Art History and Conservation of Cultural Heritage degree
  • MA Business administration for Art and Cultural Events
  • Degree in Communication and Managements for Arts and Cultural Events
  •  Specialization for running art tours and activity with blind, visually impaired people (Accessibility of Cultural Heritage certificates)
  • Specialization for kids cultural activities
  •  La Biennale and Gallerie dell’Accademia guide
  •  Venice security port pass
  • ICOM member


“Find a different point of view”

Discover Venice’s secrets with Lucia, your private tour guide

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What travellers says about me

Some reviews written from travellers after our tours

Leonie B.

TOUR: Hidden and secrets gems of Venice

Lucia is a fantastic guide. Very informative tour. She is extremely passionate about Venice. Highly recommended.

LiLing P.

TOUR: Hidden and secrets gems of Venice

It was such a pleasure exploring the narrow streets of Venice with Lucia Lucia tour guide in Venice. She pointed out so many little but significant details we would have otherwise missed just walking down the streets on our own. Our tour began at the Campo San Giacomo di Rialto, the oldest part of Venice. We have 3 kids, ages 14, 11, and 5.

Usually, when a guide starts rattling on about the history of a city, our kid’s eyes glaze over, but Lucia captured their attention right from the start, by asking them questions to get them thinking and observing. “See that clock?what do you notice that is different about it?”

She really leveraged the place to peel back the centuries of history. At Marcato di Rialto, Lucia brought to life the local Venetian way of life, details that helped us connect with the place and it’s people.

Our kids love tasting and trying new foods, so the market was the highlight for them. Picking up on this, Lucia introduced us to one of the oldest bars to try some authentic cicchetti (finger food). She encouraged them to try a few dishes they would normally have regarded with suspicion. The Sarde in Soar (traditional Venetian sardines) got two thumbs up from the kids (and me).

We spent the rest of our time in Venice finding every excuse to order more. It’s a good thing we did our tour with Lucia the first morning after arriving in Venice. As we weaved our way through the Labyrinth of narrow streets that Venice is famous for, we got a few tips for how to get our bearings. Getting lost in Venice is par for the course, so we were grateful for these tips.

At St. Marks square, we heard some fascinating stories about how St. Mark’s body came to reside in Venice. I am sure that any tour you take of Venice would probably share this information, but Lucia seem to know exactly what parts of the story would keep the attention of her young audience. Our morning with Lucia was definitely the highlight of our time in Venice. Grazie, Lucia!

Sharon R.

We booked a  tour with Lucia to the Jewish Ghetto area.
Lucia is a wonderful tour guide in Venice! She has Lots of knowledge, we really learned a lot. Lucia took us to hidden gems around the city and gave us great dining tips. It was like walking with a local friend that showed us the city.
We will deafently book with her in the future.

Bob Wokingham

A delightful 2 hours spent walking in the Dorsoduro Sestiere with the charming and vivacious Lucia.
Lucia was very knowledgeable of the history of Venice as well as giving us some insider information, good advice on the attractions worth visiting and some good guidance on which bars and restaurants to choose. Do this walk as soon as possible after arriving in Venice and your visit will be greatly enhanced.


We participated at a tour in Dursoduro and at one in the Ghetto area. Both gave us a very good insight of “another” Venice.We learned a lot about Venice history and Venice daily life in a very pleasant way. Lucia is so enthusiast and proud about Venice, we just loved her fantastic professional way of guiding (without umbrella).
Thank you so much Lucia, we will definitly meet again one day.
Tours are highly recommended.