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Venice with kids - Lucia Bondetti tour guide

Venice with kids! Fall in love with a family friendly tour

Venice with kids! Venice has an incredible history and it is full of symbols,  anecdotes, episodes, legends and secrets you will not uncover unless you are with a local. Are you looking for the perfect kid-friendly tours for you? Venice with kids can be very funny!   Read these two reviews! It has been an [...]

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Venice tours by locals Lucia

Dear travelers, my Venice small group tours calendar in English is constantly updated on my Instagram page and my blog page of my website While you can always contact me for a private and tailor-made tours: as a couple, a family, with friends or for a unique and curious gift (a voucher for a guided [...]

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Doge of Venezia

13 Curiosites about the Venetian Doge

The Doge’s Palace in Saint Mark’s square  was the home of Venice’s public administration, where all the most important decisions about the Serenissima Republic were made. But who was the Doge? Let’s investigate this historical figure through amazing curiosities. Curiosites about the Doge of Venice 1. The Venetian Dogi were 120 in 1100 years of [...]

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Jewish Venetian Ghetto

Jewish Venetian Ghetto (1516-1797)

Cannaregio and the Jewish Ghetto of Venice  The Jewish Ghetto, the world’s oldest, remains intact and is still marked by dark porticoes, peeling paint, laundry hung out to dry, and windows placed so close above one another that you’re back aches just thinking about the low ceiling. We are few steps from the railway Station […]

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Holocaust in Venice – January 27th The International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

Today it is January 27th, the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.  I want to remember  one of the 246 people deported to the concentration camps. Gino Aboaf, Achille Aboaf and Rosa Lucia Mogno’s sonwas arrested  in Venice and deported  to Auschwitz extermination camp. He survived the Shoah (Holocaust). […]

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My online Venice Jewish Ghetto experience

Click here to book my online Venice Jewish Ghetto: What you’ll do Discover with me the history, little know facts, amazing insights, secrets and why not.. legends of the first one ghetto of the world in an interactive way! Part history, part challenges! You’ll learn how we pronunce the original name of the area […]

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Venice's neighbourhoods

Six sestieri: a guide to Venice’s neighbourhoods

We call Venice: a fish! Taking a look to the map you can recognize the head, the tail….Venice's neighbourhoods are so special! Almost everyone knows the most popular sights that make Venice so unique, what we called the highlights of Venice: St. Mark’s square, the Rialto bridge, or the Grand Canal with its gondole. But there are hundreds of sites [...]

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Epiphany Celebration day

January 6th: Epiphany Celebration day in Venice

In Italy the Epiphany celebration is a national holiday that is celebrated on January 6. The Feast of the Epiphany traditionally commemorates when The Magi, known as The Three Wise Men or The Three Kings, visited Jesus. As the story goes The Three Wise Men visited Jesus in the manger bringing with them gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. [...]

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Ponte dei Pugni in Venice: the history of the bridge

In this blog post we will discover the Ponte dei Pugni in Venice (Dorsoduro). Departing from Campo San Barnaba turn left, after a short walk along the fondamenta, you will come to the "barca". Have you ever seen a floating fruit and vegetable shop? The history of the bridge In the past the citizens of were [...]

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Venice for blind visitors – Thank you Dori! 2018

Venice for blind visitors – Blind travelers can be intimidated by travelling and reaching our Venice too. It’s certainly possible to enjoy Venice, thanks to the beautiful Dori and Ervin coming from Hungary, my colleague Federica (Isola Tour association) and I had the opportunity to create a route to visit in 2 different appointment the […]

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