My online Venice Jewish Ghetto experience

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What you’ll do

Discover with me the history, little know facts, amazing insights, secrets and why not.. legends of the first one ghetto of the world in an interactive way! Part history, part challenges!

You’ll learn how we pronunce the original name of the area and travelling back to the time you’ll discover how and why the Serenissima Repubblic decide to create a segregation area for Jews. Who was the Doge? Was the area all day close? How many sinagogues we had and we are still having in Venice? Why buildings are so different? I will help you to admire the “skyscrapers” of Venice and find out about the Stolpersteine (stumbling blocks) of the area, so I can explain how the Holocaust has left a deep mark on Venice.

Discover the history behind the oldest pawn shop in Venice and listen to famous local stories. Do you know Shakespeare ‘s Merchand Venice? This is the place! And then.. Ghetto Novo, Vecchio, Novissimo: why?

I want to provide an educational experience to make you want to come to Venice as soon as possible after my online Venice Jewish Ghetto experience!

This experience normally takes place in the magnificent Cannaregio sestiere but it is now brought to you live from my house using Zoom!

I have collected many images to help you to recognize details from the comfort of your sofa!

The focus of my online Venice Jewish Ghetto is on showing you the real Jewish Ghetto of Venice and share with you what you can’t find in a guide book! Let me be your virtual guide!

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Online Venice Jewish Ghetto
online Venice Jewish Ghetto