Live virtual tour of the Venice Jewish Ghetto, a special tour

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Welcome to Venice! Enjoy a live virtual tour of the Venice Jewish Ghetto!

Let’s visit my favorite area of Venice! This tour is an unusual stroll to discover curiosities, history and symbols of the first Jewish Ghetto of the world.

Together we will see where for almost three centuries we had the gates that closed the area of the three ghettos during the night, we will discover who was the Doge at that time, why Venice created the first Jewish Ghetto of the history and when.

We will start with the Ghetto Vecchio. Did you know that the word “ghetto” is coming from a local venetian word.. but pronunced with a German accent?

We will travel back to the time to speak about the the daily life of the past and we will even see the deep marks left by the  WW2. We will see where Jewish Venetians deported to the concentration camps used to live and I will show you how we remember them nowadays.

We will notice details that only the local community knows and you will recognize the so called skyscrapers of Venice: don’t laugh but in Venice a building with 7 floors is a skyscrapers! Why? I will explain you the origin of our building, so unique!

In campo Ghetto Novo I will help you to recognize the hidden synagogues and we will stop in front of the oldest pawn shop in Venice,  I will explain you why it is  not to be missed: do you remember Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare?

The final part of the tour will show you the newest area of the ghetto and I will explain you why Napoleon symbolically had the district’s gates opened.

Then we will enjoy a nice view of  Cannaregio the most authentic Sestiere of Venice with its bridges and  canals and the meeting places for Venetians.

This live tour is full of pretty views curiosities, symbols and details. You will fall in love with the Jewish Ghetto of Venice, its art and culture!

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