The heart and soul of Venice: the oldest city Rialto Venice walking tour 2 hours

Ponte di Rialto, Sestiere San Polo, 30125 Venezia VE, Italia (0)
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Let’s discover the secrets of Rialto and the Sestier of San Polo during a special tour of Venice, my Rialto Venice walking tour

Venice is known for its canals and bridges but there are some hidden gems and mysterious symbols  that are unmisseable!  Learn about the history and culture of Venice on a walking tour designed to unveil the secrets of Venetian food and wine!.
The Rialto Market is a must-see for all visitors to Venice, but do you know the history behind the “hunchback” of Rialto? Have you ever heard about the “red light district” of the Venice of the past?

This Rialto Venice walking tour is for you if you are looking for a  great combination between  the history of the present and of the past!

Let’s get the flavour of Venice by walking to the hidden corners of Venice and the Rialto market too! Let’s learn the past and present of the floating city!

This tour lasts approx 2 hours during which we’ll reach the city centre: Rialto bridge.
– Campo San Polo, the biggest campo in Venice and the history of bull fights in Venice and Carnival
– one of the narrowest calli (street) of Venice
– Carampane, the former red light district of Venice
– The “Bridge of Tits” and endless stories of passion, forbidden loves, courtesans, prostitution
– the historical Rialto market area
– the story behind the small church of San Giacometto and its huge clock face
– the place where Venice was founded according to the legend
– stone high reliefs of Palazzo dei Camerlenghi
– view of the Grand Canal
– the story behind the Rialto bridge
– the second longest portico in Venice: portico degli oresi
– the sculpture of the hunchback of Rialto
– how measuring fish: the famous plaque indicating the smallest lenght of various fish allowed for sale

– the iron gate with a curious inscription: metaphor for those that have corrupting powers over others

– history, tradition, food curiosities

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