Venice tours

Venice is an open air museum and as a local guide I’ll be happy to show you its secret places, hidden gems and corners.

Live virtual tour of the Venice Jewish Ghetto, a special tour

Welcome to Venice! Enjoy a live virtual tour of the Venice Jewish Ghetto! Let’s visit my favorite area of Venice!

I 🧡 Venice! Venice must sees and secrets with a great lover of Venice

Let's enjoy a Venice must-sees with an art historian tour! This is the perfect must sees experience, the best tour you can imagine to immerse yourself into the highlights of Venice! Discover the city on the water through the eyes of Lucia, a local tour guide and art historian! I am sure you will fall in love with Venice!

Ciao Venice! Hidden Venice treasure hunt

Imagine to fall in love with the hidden Venice during an interactive Venice family treasure hunt with challenges and details to discover. Venice is full of secrets, wouldn't it be nice to discover them with a unique and lively activity? We will start in the San Marco district, in Campo Santo Stefano and then we will focus on Dorsoduro, the most artistic district of Venice. We will talk about history, ancient and contemporary art, our beautiful gondolas, the Venetian Alohomora, a magic potion, a floating market and unique games from the past. Are you ready to wear the detective cap and start to discover Venice?